Analytics Settings

If you use Google Adwords or Yahoo Ads enter your tracking information here to see how your web store is performing. Our Analytics tools will help you keep track of your Adwords spend.

Google Analytics

First, register for a free Google Analytics account at Next, configure Google analytics to track your web site. Google will provider you with a javascript tag that you can place in your web site. Look in the javascript for your Analytics Id. It usually starts with the letters "UA-". Copy and paste this ID into BV Commerce.

You can now visit the Google Analytics web site each day to view a history of your visitors. Remember that you won't see data until 24 hours after you activate tracking on your site so don't worry if things don't appear to be working right away.

Google Adwords Conversion

If you purchase pay-per-click ads through Google Adwords you can track the effectiveness of your ads from Google Analytics too. When you create an adwords account at click on the Reporting->Conversions menu and create a new goal. A goal can be anything from a registration, page view or a purchase. Click "View Activation Code" to see the sample javascript for your site. Look for the Conversion_Id, Conversion_Label, and Conversion_Color properties and copy those values into BV Commerce.

Your Google Analytics and Adwords pages will now show the percentage of clicks that converted to your goals.

Google Ecommerce Tracking

Since BV Commerce is an online store you should enable "Ecommerce Tracking" in your Google Analytics account. This can be set from the Account Settings screens at The store name and category fields can accept any value. Common values for the category field are Products or Services.

Google Analytics will now show you the exact $ amounts and order numbers of all purchases on your store.

Yahoo Sales Tracking

Yahoo! offer a similar analytics package for tracking clicks from ads. See Yahoo! for more information.